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M12 Fuel Jigsaw Insert for Milwaukee Packout | Jonah Pope Design (Insert-only)

M12 Fuel Jigsaw Insert for Milwaukee Packout | Jonah Pope Design (Insert-only)

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Insert only - Case and tools not included.

Organize and protect your M12 Fuel Jigsaw 2545-20 and accessories.  3D printed from PETG material for higher strength and temperature resistance.

Features - Super Flexible Design

  • Multi Layered Storage - Designed to use every square inch of the Packout box! I've designed multi layered stacking tubs running the length of the right side.

    • Upper Tub - Provides dedicated jigsaw blade storage. 3 slots are included to allow sorting blades by type. Openings are integrated to allow for easily lifting out a blade.

    • Lower Tub - Provides a general storage . You can also store more jigsaw blades here.

    • Bottom of Insert - This is where the dust extraction tube is stored. There's also some storage space alongside the tube storage area for smaller items if you would like.

  • Dust Extraction Tube - The dust extraction tube has a dedicated storage spot under that layered storage tubs. When placing the tube into the insert, it’ll pass through an access hole in the wall allowing the tip of the tube to sit under the Jigsaw itself! The Jigsaw is elevated within the insert allowing the tube to slide in underneath without issue. Additionally, the Lower stackable tub is custom designed to wrap around the tube!

  • Under Tool Storage - Space is available under the Jigsaw for even more storage! You can use this to store nearly any jigsaw blade packs (provided they're not super bulky). A visual demonstration of this is included in the photo gallery here.

  • Battery Storage - Space is included for your battery storage needs! You can fit any size of M12 Battery with ease or simply use this area for general storage.

Fits Milwaukee PACKOUT 5-Compartment Organizer 48-22-8435.

This includes the insert only.  No other product is included. This product has no affiliation to Milwaukee Tools or any other tool manufacturers.  This product is 3d printed, which can result in minor surface imperfections.
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